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Student Compositing Reel

During my 16 Month at Pixl Visn, I learned every aspect of the vfx pipeline from the best instructors in the industry.

I decided to fully concentrate on compositing and can now proudly present you my student compositing reel which I finished in January 2018.

Student Compositing Reel

School: Pixl Visn Media Arts Academy

Degree: A - Level, 3D Animation & Visual Effects Diploma

Duration: 16 Month

Period: October 10, 2016 - February 15, 2018

Project information:

Military Jet



Time: 4 weeks
Goal: work on a full VFX pipeline
Cooperation with Dennis Leonhardt ( water simulation )



  • Matchmoved with Syntheyes and Maya

  • Modeling, animation and UV ́s in Maya

  • Textured in Substance Painter


Rendered in Maya using Arnold:

  • multipass render with all relevant AOV ́s and light groups

  • python script in Maya to automate AOV creation with diffuse, specular etc. separated for all light groups


Composited in Nuke:

  • created a nuke toolset to handle light groups and avo ́s at the same time

  • clean up and house extension with projection setups and Mocha planar tracking

  • house explosion created by using 2d elements and a damage model created in Maya

  • other smoke, dust and distortion elements created 100% in nuke with 2 1/2 D solutions

  • got water simulation render from Dennis Leonhardt and integrated it by using Vray passes



Rifters - Teaser for a shortfilm



Time: 4 Weeks
Role: On Set VFX Supervisor, Compositor, 3D Artist 




On set:

  • VFX Supervisor

  • Co. Regisseur


3D and compositing:

  • body and camera tracking with Boujou and Syntheyes

  • clean up of markers, light sources and camera rails

  • everything modeled in Maya and textured with Substance Painter

  • integrated 3D renders with Nuke

  • particles, distortions and motion graphics created with Nuke and Photoshop



Night Alley



Time: 4 Weeks
Goal: camera projection with day to night and integration

Responsible for everything




On set:

  • 100+ Photos of the location for projections and as reference

  • Multiple HDRs with a chrome ball

  • HDRs of light sources at night to get the correct color temperature and variation

  • measured everything



  • created a full 3d representation of the alley by using the measurements with enough detail for relighting with correct shadows

  • projected multiple images in Maya to get enough texture resolution for close-ups and different angles

  • baked the textures and removed shadows and reflections in photoshop

  • generated roughness, normal and displacement maps from the photos

  • created 3D projections with proxy geometry for rooms inside the windows - modeled and textured fish lamp and windows

       with substance painter

  • relighted the projections using the HDRs of the environment and the light sources



  • composited everything inside of nuke

  • used my Arnold lightgroups / aov workflow described in the jet project, to get maximum control of the render                                    and create a moody night scene

  • enhanced the render with retexturing and 2d elements in nuke

  • combined the different smoke renders with deep compositing

  • on set projected, relighted and composited


on set

projected, relighted and composited





Time: 1 week
Goal: recreate a shot of the film allegiant  



  • modeled in Maya and textured in substance painter

  • matched lighting on set with a diffuse ball and a reference render

  • keyed and despilled

  • body tracking with syntheyes

  • integrated plate into the 3D environment

  • integrated drones and headset with nuke

  • enhanced the environment with 2d elements and the Arnold Utility passes

  • added lens effects to make the shot more realistic




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