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Combining a node-disabler with the "$gui" expression.

To be as efficient as possible i like to use node-disablers while working in nuke.

Some existing disablers are not as easy to use as i want it, so i tried to come up with my own one. My node-disabler is called "Gui_Disabler"

This Gizmo allows you to disable preselected nodes in the node graph. It also gives you the option to automatically re-enable the nodes when rendering in batch, so you don´t have to enable them manually again.

Gizmo properties:


- 'Add Selected' adds the selected nodes to the 'Connected Nodes' list

- 'Remove Selected' removes the selected nodes to the 'Connected Nodes' list

- enabling and disabling this gizmo enables / disables all connected nodes

- by default the notes disabled by this gizmo get enabled automatically when rendering in batch mode.

- If you don´t want to automatically re-enable the connected nodes press the button in the 'Info' tab.

Connected nodes get the text 'linked to disabler' written in their label.


The only problem that occures when using this gizmo is, that copying it and the linked nodes breaks the gizmo, so it doesn´t work anymore.

Renaming also causes a disconnection between the gizmo and the linked nodes.

If anyone has an idea how I could not base it on node names then I will be happy to hear it!


Get it on nukepedia:

Copy script from Pastebin:



Place the 'Gui_Disabler.gizmo' in your .nuke folder or any other user-defined plugin path.

Reload your plugins inside of nuke.


Tested with Nuke 10 and newer versions, but it could also work in older ones.

Feel free to comment for any questions and suggestions.

Cheers Marcel

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